Mandala Workshop

– Guided workshops that provide with you techniques, materials and guidance required to make perfect mandalas. The workshops are meticulously planned to give you quick grasp and taste of what committing to the moment tastes like. Makes you come back for more,for sure !

Centers of Serenity

-Beautifully designed centers that let you become Zen for the period of stay. Come along with your family/friends and colleagues for a planned set of activities,food and happiness tailored to each group that’s visiting. We are sure you go back changed for good !

When best of East and West meet

Historically, East defines happiness as mindfulness attained by self-disciplined meditation and West defines happiness as fun activities and indulgence. Soulink is where best of both worlds meet.

As modern men, we are constantly on adrenalin and cortisol high that’s reducing happiness in everyday lives. How to feel like a sage when you continue to run everyday chores is what Soulink is about!

A very personal yet professional service that enables you to find a link to you,your soul and the universe through practical activities in a magical way

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