Are you ready to bring happiness into your life?

There’s been an up trend in terms of mental health awareness. Despite the plethora of information access we have,what we fail to understand is absence of ailments is not pink of mental health.

An easy way to understand this is comparing it to more understandable physical health. Absence of diseases alone won’t mean we are physically fit. If one is obese or has a sedentary lifestyle where one cant walk a few yards is still poor health. Similarly having no visible mental illness doesn’t mean you have perfect mental fitness. Then what’s mental fitness?

The only goal state or visible sign of mental fitness is happiness. Are you happy? At least 80% of us would feel hesitant to answer that question. We are unsure if we are happy or not. It becomes a tricky situation to solve when you are not sure if a problem exists or not to solve it. So just like you work out to keep your body in check, you need to carry out activities that will make you happy, commit to the moment and help you realize your true mental state.

Because you know that acknowledging a problem is the first step to resolving it and acknowledging that a problem might occur is the right step towards preventing it!

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