Here’re some more details about us answering common questions we encounter

How is Soulink different from regular meditation/yoga classes?

Though what both try to achieve is the same, the approach and methodologies are radically different. Meditation focuses on stillness or flow in the state of ‘being’ in the moment. This is rather difficult for a common person and requires great amount of discipline to achieve. Soulink focuses on achieving a state of flow in the moment by ‘doing’. This is more like making meditation and happiness mainstream by easing the process.

How is Soulink different from arts classes?

Arts classes focus on a rigid curriculum and learning academically. In the process most of us lose track of the intent of the art of forms – ‘Blissfulness’ Soulink is here to bridge the gap between – focusing on creating happiness with arts and activities

Do you do sessions at corporate / institution?

Yes, we cater to institutional audience on minimum of 20 participants. You can contact us for further details

Can I gift this to my loved ones / Can I use this as for Corporate gifting?

Of course! What’s a better gift than a route to happiness? Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps can help you set this all up as we currently don’t have online gifting option.

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