An ancient mandala art form – reflecting the symmetry of nature

Our Philosophy

We aim to bring to this world health, wellness, mindfulness and self-inspired wisdom . We believe it’s innate and is just buried in our everyday business. A sense of being in the moment is what’s required to unearth it and we aim to bring to you the same.

Our Mission

To create experiences from both traditional and modern worlds to help individuals get the peace of mind and awareness they seek.

In the otherwise hyper-connected world, we help you to connect with you and the super-power of the universe

Meet the Team

We are a set of millennials who finally understood that the materialistic things around us won’t bring peace that we seek and happiness which is the ultimate goal of living. In our quest for finding it,we found meditating hard and indulging in the activities that commits your attention to the present freeing and empowering. Hence we are on a mission to bring it to the world now

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